Regional Direct Marketing Conference

  • Thursday, February 28, 2019, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Have you, as a direct marketer of farm products, seen a change in your sales? Would you like to learn ways to potentially increase sales?

Presentations that will help participants learn how to attract more customers and implement or enhance their point of sale (POS) system will be given by Christopher Wayne, Erik Hassert, and Michael Hurwitz from GrowNYC. 

The morning will be devoted to customer behavior at the market. What can farmers do to attract more shoppers to their stands? How can farmers actively market their products in and out of farmers markets? How can farmers better understand customer behavior at the market, and how can this information be used to increase customer satisfaction? By using customer research performed by grocery stores and large-scale food retailers while building on more than 40 years of institutional knowledge, conference presenters will share a tool for measuring customer behavior at farmers markets and developing strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Over the past three years, this tool has been used by over 50 producers to implement strategies that successfully increased their sales at market. 

During the afternoon session, presenters will talk about POS (point of sale) systems. As the economy continues moving toward more cashless currency, a POS system will become a necessity. At its most complex, a POS system is a powerful business tool for gathering comprehensive marketing information. 

As a farmer, can you:

  • Accurately describe the amount of your average sale? 
  • Describe how much a discount increases the gross sales of one of your products? 
  • Define what time of day/week/year you make the most gross sales? 
  • Name your most/least profitable products?

Many POS systems can provide this information and more. 

Register online at https://tinyurl.com/RegDirectMarketing.

Admission to the Capital District Direct Marketing Conference is $30 per person if paid in advance. The admission price at the door is $35 per person. Admission covers meals and materials.



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