Pesticide Re-certification Credits for NYSDEC Categories 3a, 3b, 10 and 25 via Zoom

  • Monday, February 1, 2021, 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Attend one or more of our on-line Zoom sessions for our “30 Hour Training Course” and earn pesticide credits from your home or office.

If you are currently a certified pesticide applicator in New York State, you may earn pesticide credits by attending one or more days of our “30 Hour Training Course.”This course will follow the familiar “core” and “category” manuals. The topics discussed and the number of credits offered each day will vary, so check the schedule on the reverse side of this page carefully.

How Are We Doing This? This class will be offered using Zoom, the cloud-based video communications app. You will need access to a computer with internet, Zoom, sound, and camera capabilities. That means we will need to be able to see you and hear you through your computer or device. We will need to see you and your identification (such as a driver’s license) at the start of each day via video. We will also ask a series of questions during each class session, which you will have to answer so that we know you are present, and we can therefore give you credit for attending the class. Find the full brochure here

Before you attend, make sure you have the free Zoom app. Visit:https://zoom.us/

Never used Zoom? It’s easy! Check out the tutorials on the Zoom App:https://support.zoom.us

If after reading the brochure you have any questions please reach out to us at 518-272-4210

Last updated December 24, 2020